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Sex In The Shower: 5 Tips For Soapy Fun - Ask Dan and Jennifer

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Hopping in the shower for some soapy adult fun is a favorite of many couples and for good reason. Sex in the shower can be great fun and can give you and your partner opportunities to try new things (or things you’ve done before but haven’t tried in a while) and spice up your sex life. You can try new sex positions in the shower, or give your partner a wetter, wilder version of your signature blowjob. Here are some great tips for shower sex so you and your partner can have some sexy fun in the water

Silicone Based Lube

Silicone based lube is probably the best sexual lubricant out there for sexy shower fun. Silicone based lube is much thicker than traditional water based lube and doesn’t rinse away as easily. If you try to use water based lubricant in the shower, you’ll find that it doesn’t last very long at all Water based lube is designed to be easily rinsed away with water, so you’ll end up washing the lube off in the shower before you even start having sex. Silicone based lubricant will wash off with soap and water, so it’s great to get started with before you break out the suds. Just don’t use a whole lot of silicone based lube often, because it can be difficult to remove it all from the vaginal canal after sex since it doesn’t just rinse away.

Water Safe Sex Toys

The shower is a great place to introduce new sex toys. The slick environment will allow for greater ease of insertion of dildos or vibrators and the feeling of water running down your body will intensify the waves of pleasure created when using toys. This is especially helpful for couples who have never used a sex toy before. Glass sex toys are not recommended in the shower, because they’re slick to begin with and coupled with lube, you won’t be able to get a grip on it in the water. Instead, choose a waterproof vibrator or latex dildo to have fun with. If you have a detachable massaging showerhead though, it may be all the toy you and your partner need Experiment with the different streams that the shower creates on your partner’s genitals and watch as your partner gets incredibly turned on Using a showerhead during foreplay will help a girl that has trouble reaching orgasm get warmed up and may even give her a climax before you start having sex.

Soapy Massages

The shower is famous for being a great place to give your partner an sensual massage. Lather up your favorite great smelling soap and rub it all over your partner’s wet body. Have them do the same for you. Rub each other up and down with soap, or rub your bodies together as you kiss your partner deeply. You and your partner will both love the slippery feeling your bodies have against each other Giving your partner a soapy massage will also help them relax and become exceptionally aroused, helping them to reach orgasm sooner and have a harder, more intense climax.

Blowjobs In The Shower

A lot of women truly enjoy giving their partners a blowjob in the shower because it becomes a much cleaner activity in the water. For example, a good soapy massage before the blowjob to get your partner’s penis erect will also help him to smell fresh and clean when you head south. Instead of trying to swallow the gobs of saliva your mouth produces as you’re giving him head, you can simply spit discreetly or let them drip out of your mouth to be washed away by the shower stream. Perhaps the best thing about giving a blowjob in the shower is that the environment is more conducive to her taking his semen in her mouth when he ejaculates. The ejaculate can be spit out quickly and she can rinse her mouth out immediately, which might make women who find swallowing semen dislovinblogful reconsider if he really wants her to do it.


Of course, a shower before sex is the best way to get prepared for a romp in the sack, so why not make it a sexy shower and include it in your foreplay Soaping each other up and down is not only extremely erotic for both partners, it also helps to remove sweat and odors that will dampen a hot mood pretty quickly. A guy that isn’t very interested in going down on his woman may be more inclined to give her oral sex if she’s just had a shower – and if he was a part of it

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